Got Kites?


The services of Noor Agha, a fourth-generation kite-maker, have been commissioned by the producers of The Kite Runner, the soon-to-be-made film based on the eponymous best selling book by California-based MD Khaled Hosseini.

These days Agha spends his time in his “factory” (his living room) where he has been putting his two wives and 11 children to work. One wife, he describes as the second best kite maker in Kabul–but quickly adds that he has 45 years’ experience and “she’ll never be able to catch up.”

“In a country where most success stories are haunted by failure…about the only thing going right these days is the kitemaking industry,” Time Magazine tells us. Go here to read their full feature on Agha and The Kite Runner.

March 8, 2007
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