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Are you a long-haired Parveen Babi or a short-tressed Madhuri Dixit? editor Roxanna Kassam Kara never identified with the straight, silky locks that most Bollywood heroines sported, though she certainly yearned for them in lieu of her curly ‘do. So in “Bollywood’s Mane Attraction,” Roxy explored Bollywood’s hair stereotypes and what they mean for South Asian women. And now, almost two years after that story was published, MTV has come a-knocking.

Roxy will appear tonight on MTV Live, MTV Canada’s flagship show devoted to discussing issues with a live audience. Tonight the show examines hair stereotypes (blonds have more fun, brunettes are boring), and they invited Roxy to talk about her piece.

We’re thrilled to see Roxy represent on the small screen! While MTV Live’s audience will have a chance to discuss the issue, you can, too. Is there such a thing as a Bollywood hair stereotype? Which movies represent it? Tell us what you think!

All you Canadian readers, you don’t want to miss Roxanna Kassam Kara on MTV Live on MTV Canada tonight at 6 p.m. ET. We’ll report back after the show.

March 27, 2007
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