Radhika’s Rad Rings

Radhika Tandon

Lawyer by day, jewelry designer by night, Radhika Tandon is responsible for the latest evolution of the timeless cocktail ring. Her company Isharya—which she runs with her sister-in-law Gauri Tandon—features precious and semi-precious stones set in silver and gold.

“If we don’t love it, it’s not going to be in our collection,” Tandon, 32, says. “Ohmigod, how fabulous. Where did you get it?’ That’s the feeling we want to evoke.”

Radhika Tandon is a patent lawyer based in Menlo Park, California, while her sister-in-law (a London School of Economics grad) lives in Mumbai, working with “the artisans who translate their vision into fabulous creations of tourmalines, smoky topaz, coral and rose-cut diamonds.”

Check out the goods at: Jennifer Kaufman in Los Angeles, or by visiting www.isharya.com

March 7, 2007
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