Seven.11 Turns 5


Seven plays at 11 minutes each, all set in a convenience store = 77 minutes of fun. This winning formula from Desipina’s Seven.11 Convenience Theatre series returns for a fifth year on March 29-April 14 at The Abrons Art Center (tickets are, naturally, 7 + 11 = $18) and April 20-22 at the Queens Theatre, both in New York. Founded by sisters Rehana Mirza and Rohi Mirza Pandya, Desipina & Co. is a fusion arts company focusing on film and theatre, dedicated to promoting cross-pollinations of artistic, political and cultural dialogues.

This year’s Seven.11 lineup includes superheroes on a quick snack stop, a Bollywood superstar promoting the latest Slurpee flavor, a historical tour of the quickie-mart from the future and a wild spin on a classic fairy tale called “Bikram & Cheekochio.” The latter play is a “cheeky new musical about a dashing young desi and a racist wooden puppet,” developed after co-writers Michael Lew and Rehana Mirza “wanted to write a musical together and were riffing on adaptations of Pinnochio.” (BAT Newsletter)

Tickets move faster than seasonal Sno Balls, so get yours before they sell out.

March 28, 2007
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