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Mike Tyson
Photo courtesy of MSNBC

“Mighty Mike” (Tyson) is known both for his antics in the boxing ring (the Holyfield ear fiasco of 1997) and for what he does in his down time (oh, you know, facing convictions of rape, spending time in prison).

But now, prepare to see a new, more tender side of Tyson, as he gets ready to shoot a Bollywood dance sequence in India.

The routine is for the upcoming film Fool and Final, a comedy thriller due to be released in theaters this June.

“We thought Mike Tyson would be the perfect choice for this promotional video because the film does have an element of boxing in it. Also all the stars of the film including Sunny Deol are huge fans of the boxer,” said Nisha Chattani, a media consultant for the movie. “The video will primarily be released as a promotional item, but it could be included in the film as well,” she said.

Fool and Final is being directed by Ahmed Khan and stars Vivek Oberoi, Sunny Deol and Sameera Reddy.

Mike Tyson is expected to arrive in Mumbai this Friday.

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April 17, 2007
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  1. April 17, 2007, 10:20 pm Vineet

    Aishwarya and her fiance sharing the floor in a bollywood number.
    Dance Link.
    I must say she looks good!