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Floyd Cardoz of Tabla (StarBulletin.Com)

Passover is in full swing, and for those interested in celebrating desi-style, Floyd Cardoz has just the thing.

Cardoz, the executive chef for the New York City epicurean-institution Tabla will offer a special multi-course Indian meal in honor of the Jewish holiday. For $90, diners can enjoy crisp fingerling potatoes, Gefilte fish and roasted-beet salad. Tabla will also celebrate with an innovative “unleavened bread bar.”

Cardoz’s fusion Seder menu is featured in this month’s issue of Gourmet magazine.

India’s Jewish population (at an estimated 25,000 pre-independence) has dwindled over the years. Today, the remaining members of the community mainly live in Mumbai and Kochi—near Cardoz’s home state of Goa.

The dining event begins at 7 p.m. tonight. To reserve a spot, call 212.889.0667 (11 Madison Avenue at 25th Street).

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April 3, 2007
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