Egg-ceptional Easter

Easter Egg
Happy Easter!

The Kerala chapter of PETA India is ringing in Easter a different way this year. The group is interested in seeing eggs banned in the southern state and has been protesting publicly.

“We are showing that eggs signify life and that we should not be eating eggs because chickens also feel the pain,” activist Roshini D’Silva, told the press.

In Thiruvananthapuram, a human-sized chick (not what you’re thinking) burst out of an egg earlier this week and began handing out leaflets. PETA members spoke in front of the Secretariat building, distributing pamphlets that read:

“Eggs are as vegetarian as your chicken tikka or mutton biriyani. They are a part of the chicken’s reproductive system. To produce eggs, the birds spend their entire lives in battery cages housed in dark, crowded sheds were they are treated as egg-laying machines. Baby birds have their beaks cut off with a red-hot blade. Young ‘layer hens’ are kept in complete darkness except at feeding time.”

Kerala’s first Christian community settled in India in the year 52 AD, when St. Thomas docked in the Port of Kodungallur near modern-day Kochi.

Access this link for a brief history on eggs and the Easter holiday.

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April 6, 2007
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