Fox Loses A Friend

Kiran Chetry
Chetry (Fox News)

Kiran Chetry will take over the reigns from Soledad O’Brien next Thursday, becoming the new host of American Morning.

CNN President Jonathan Klein is thrilled to have her on board and says he is “blown away” by the Gaithersburg, Maryland native. “She’s a fantastic anchor. She lights up the screen.”

Chetry has been a part of the Fox Network news family since the spring of 2001. Her decision to leave Fox and Friends put her in the spotlight, especially after this letter (from Fox’s VP for business and legal affairs to Chetry’s agent) was made public.

“I played by the rules,” Chetry has said in response to allegations that her handling of the transition was unprofessional. “I will always be grateful for the opportunities there, but it was time to go.”

The newswoman, 32, is Nepalese American. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where she was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. She is married to Fox weatherman Chris Knowles. Their daughter Maya Rose was born last February.

April 5, 2007
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