Games2Win Gets $5 Million Funding

Scene from Raju Meter 2 (

In its first round of venture capital financing, Mumbai-based online game developer Games2Win has raised about $5 million, led by Clearstone Venture Partners and SVB Financial Group ( Creative director Cyrus Oshidar joined the company late last year, after working for MTV India and Nickelodeon for a decade (Economic Times).

Games2Win offers India’s largest library of casual, downloadable and massively multiplayer online games in categories such as “Desi,” “Cricket” and “Bollywood.” New games include “Socialites and Dacoits,” in which dacoits annoyed by socialites who hog the news headlines (“Baldie Spears,” “Pee Doodie”) blast the socialites out of cannons into piles of dung, and “Raju Meter 2” featuring “everyone’s favorite rickshaw driver” battling traffic and time woes.

April 4, 2007
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