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Having seen her perform at ArtWallah last summer, I can see how Micropixie might bring to mind a “Desi Björk” ( Charming accent? Check. Quirky and whimsical? Check and check. Pixie hair? Make that an eponymous check. But there are things distinctively her own about Micropixie’s (MPX) style. “Made in Bombay, born and raised in the UK, and currently based in San Francisco,” her electronic music defies easy classification with tracks like “Cognitive Dissonance” and vocals covering different styles—jazzy, introspective and konnakol, and the sounds of bongos, puja bells and harmonica.

mpx foot
“My Beige Foot”

If the sonic visuals painted by her debut album “Alice in Stevie Wonderland”, made at home entirely on a Mac computer with collaborator neo eon one intrigue you, then take a look at her short films made under the name Single Beige Female, including the “Flick Trance Groovies” “My Beige Foot” (touching on the randomness of nationality and skin color) and “The Beige of Reason.”

MPX will perform live at the upcoming “Girls Gone World”—“Three Indian singers from Planet Earth bring you ambient, soulful sounds”—on April 15 in Los Angeles at the Temple Bar, along with Manisha Shahane and Sumitra Nanjundan.

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Girls Gone Wild
April 9, 2007
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