Pancholy and Gavankar’s Mad Dash

MP with flowers
Pancholy (Vikram Tank for )

Maulik Pancholy has been cast in the new CW network comedy Dash 4 Cash.

The Weeds and 30 Rock star is part of an ensemble of new comedic talent. Dash 4 Cash will go behind-the-scenes with six teams as they race in a mock reality show competition. The single-camera comedy is scripted but will have a mocumentary feel to it (think Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office).

Pancholy will be playing the contestant “Pablo.”

The show is currently in development, and a pilot has recently been ordered. Word is Janina Gavankar of Barbershop and The L Word fame has also been cast.

interviews Janina Gavankar
Pancholy opens up in “Out of the Weeds

April 9, 2007
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