Punjabi Woman Murdered in Arizona

Naveet Kaur, a 30-year-old Punjabi woman living in suburban Phoenix, was found dead in her Ahwatukee home last Friday morning.

Police believe Avtar Grewal, Kaur’s husband, murdered his estranged wife. Grewal is believed to have flown in from Vancouver, Canada. He was spotted outside Kaur’s home late Thursday night.

Kaur, whose family lives in Gurgaon (Haryana), worked as a project manager for a technology company. She was found dead by her colleagues, who came to check on her after she didn’t show up for work on Friday morning. Kaur married Grewal in New Delhi in October of 2005. They subsequently separated but her estranged husband continued to harass and intimidate her. Grewal, who flew to India after committing the crime, is now in police custody.

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April 3, 2007
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