Race Riots Target Ugandan Indians

Yesterday’s Worldview on Chicago Public Radio aired a segment discussing last week’s race riots in Uganda. The unrest was sparked by the government’s decision to give away part of the historic Mabira forest reserve to an Indian-owned sugar company, and violence escalated to the point where an Indian man was killed in a mob lynching. In the piece, Ugandan journalist Kisuule Magala discusses the tempestuous history of South Asian Ugandans and the complicated politics of land ownership.

I know has quite a robust overseas readership … any Ugandan readers care to comment on the situation?

April 18, 2007
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  1. April 19, 2007, 4:31 am Tamil

    I know quite a few africans from Kenya,Uganda,West Africa,North Africa.Even though many of them love Indian movies to the point of fanaticism, they feel that Indians in Africa treat them like animals because of their darker skin colour.Seems like our expat Indians take their caste prejudice with them even abroad.The shop owners refuse them service often, treat their employees like slaves, lend them money at exorbitant rates, bribe their political leaders.They feel even the whites treat them better. People like the characters in ”Missisippi Masala” are definitely rare.I am not surprised that there is a huge anti Indian sentiment now in Africa.