Smith + Sherwani = !!!!


Oh sweet SMITH! Yes, I am aware that his name is really Jason Lewis but whenever I see him (lately randomly as another Sex and the City alum Bridget Moynahan’s love interest on ABC’s Six Degrees), I just can’t stop giggling.

I stumbled upon a review of his new movie, My Bollywood Bride, on Variety and was kind of amused. How in the world did this project end up in his lap?

The story is Boy meets Girl, Girl runs away to India, Boy chases Girl to India to find out she is actually India’s biggest Bollywood star. Interesting twist. Variety even calls the movie a “genial, spirited comedy [that] has enough going for it to make it worth seeing.” It also won “Best of Fest” at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. His lovely co-star is Kashmira Shah, a former model who came into her own in Yes Boss. Watch the trailer after the jump.

April 24, 2007
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