Little things matter.

You may be wearing your most gorgeous suit for that job interview, but the toilet paper stuck to your Enzo heel is sure to attract more attention than your Donna Karan threads.

You could be seeing the seemingly perfect guy—only to realize that the way tiny bubbles form in the corner of his mouth when he talks are enough to turn you off completely.

Your brand-new hybrid car probably looks fabulous as you race around town, until your little sister borrows it and puts (in her words) a “tiny” dent in the driver’s side door.

The smallest things can make the biggest difference. This issue of is devoted to those small things. For example, in Secret Weapon(s), you’ll meet accessories maven Rima Shah, who swears by the power a piece of jewelry can have on your whole look. And check out Taking Care of Business to learn the tips and tricks of business etiquette that will help you attain the next level of success. Ready for a laugh? Don’t miss Extreme Home Makeover: FOB Edition, Roxanna Kassam Kara’s hilarious look at the little details that make up a truly FOB-style home.

So take a moment to see what little secrets we have in this issue of —and be sure to check back in two weeks for more.

Ismat Sarah Mangla

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