The New Scent of Crime

Delhi police (Tribune India)

Police in Gujarat have been issued new uniforms that smell like rose petals and citrus fruits. “Most policemen look hassled, drenched in sweat after coming from any scene of crime,” says Somesh Singh, of Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design. “They are surely not the best person one would like to meet, but if they smell good and fresh one might as well approach them.”

Made of cotton that has been treated with fragrance, the uniforms will retain their scent even after multiple washes.

“We think that by end of the year you will notice a new, fresh look when you are intercepted by one of our men,” says J. Mahpatra, a police commissioner of Ahmedabad.

The garments are being issued to 300,000 policemen in the state.

April 4, 2007
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