Our Mothers, Ourselves

A note from the editor

There is no one in my life more supportive, more caring, more loyal to me than my mother, Ayesha. I’m blessed with a mom who is kind, patient and endlessly selfless; sometimes I wonder if, when I have my own children, I will be able to match her talents as such a superb guardian and protector. Her generosity amazes me to this day—not just toward her children, but toward her parents, her family and people in general.

My siblings and I poke fun at her idiosyncracies—the way she insists on bringing us mountains of food (even if we asked her not to) when she visits, or how, after cheering for her favorite sports team to win a game or series, she suddenly feels a wave of sadness for the loser when her team claims victory. But the truth is, these are the things we love about my mother, and though we may feign exasperation, we wouldn’t change a thing.

I suspect that many of ‘s readers feel the same way about their own moms. So when Nalini Abhiraman asked me if she could write a column about food as an homage to her mother for Mother’s Day, I immediately agreed. Because the fact is, our mothers—especially in South Asian culture—may cluck over us and nag and worry, but they don’t get nearly enough credit.

Mothers are present in the rest of this issue, too. Read Flavorful Finds to learn how Geetha Jayaraman founded a whole new business based on a visit from her mother. And in City of Roy, designer darling Rachel Roy talks about the challenges of balancing a career with motherhood.

In the second half of our issue on May 21, look for a piece on the South Asian children’s magazine, Kahani. Founder Monika Jain dreamed up the idea because she wanted her kids to know about their South Asian heritage; coincidentally, Jain’s mother came up with the title of the magazine. You’ll also read about the film Amu, in which an Indian American woman returns to India to learn about the past her adoptive mother has kept from her.

We hope these stories about moms and the rest of this issue will continue to entertain and inspire.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers.

May 7, 2007
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  1. May 7, 2007, 2:40 pm kate

    wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! looking forward to reading all these pieces this month and in doing so, taking the time to honor mothers all over.