Specialtee Gifts For Your Grad


I’ve been to about a bazillion graduations in my life (give or take). Seen friends and family graduate from high school, college, etc. I even went to a kindergarten ceremony once. (The grads wore pint-sized caps and gowns. Too cute.)

Anyway, I used to be all predictable and uninspired about buying gifts. I’d bring the usual. You know, like those tacky mylar balloons and some last-minute flowers from Costco. Really memorable. For about five minutes.

But this year I’m all about the upgrade (Beyoncé’s got nothing on me) and am going to be gifting things I would actually like to receive myself.

Like these fabbity fab T shirts from Muck it Tees. What better way to tell someone you think s/he’s “Sweet Like Gulab Jamun” than with words? On a shirt? And as a tasteful homage to the *hot* auntie crew, this edgy statement piece from T Shirt MoJo will win over hearts, guaranteed.

What will you be giving this graduation season? Tell us in the comments section below.

(And congratulations to the class of 2007!)


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May 17, 2007
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