The groom Pinty & Mr. Met.

When my friend Amar told me what he was planning to do for his brother Pinty’s wedding, I just couldn’t believe it. Mets fans pretty much since birth, the Jhaveris definitely do not play around when it comes to their favorite team. As Pinty’s best man, Amar knew he had to do something memorable.

So as a total surprise to his brother, his new sister-in-law Pooja and a hall full of unsuspecting guests, Amar arranged for Mr. Met to run out to the dance floor in the middle of the wedding reception. Needless to say, the moment was absolutely priceless for Pinty. Mr. Met not only posed with guests, he also partied pretty hard. (And you better believe there is a YouTube clip of this.) Congratulations to Pinty & Pooja from all of us at Nirali Magazine. Watch Mr. Met balle balle his way on the dance floor after the jump.

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  1. June 21, 2007, 12:08 pm Nidhi

    Oh my god, I was at that wedding and remember sitting at my dinner table when Amar’s speech was going on. When my sister and I saw Mr. Met, we were totally in shock! But what was more funny was how Mr. Met kept doing bhangra with all the ladies at the reception! Too funny!