“No Bingo!” Narkar

Move over Donald “You’re Fired!” Trump, and make way for the Commissioner.

Providing ABC’s newest game show with what might be the next catch phrase to sweep the nation, Sunil Narkar is National Bingo Night‘s black-and-white clad co-host and bingo official. Commissioner Sunil verifies winners from the studio audience, with his trademark flourish. Fortunately for those who haven’t tuned in yet for the chance to win prizes like a patio furniture set or a motorcycle ride with Erik Estrada, the Internets are brimming with clips of the Comish, and the most recent NBN episode is online.

A YouTube tribute to the announcer showcases his signature style in action. Fans on the net find him “adorable” if “corny” and think he’s “the best part of” the show. Variety hails him as the show’s “one real breakthrough.” Prior to his stint on NBN, Narkar has worked in Los Angeles promoting Marathi language and theater since 1990.

His TV face-time also includes commercials, starting with one for Chase Card on Spanish TV. “I play a Mexican who uses his credit card to duplicate a key. There are thousands of Mexicans who auditioned, and it was an Indian who got selected. Now, I am noticed by every Mexican on American streets,” he told ExpressIndia.com. He went on to star in a Butterfinger spoof set in a Bangalore call center.

When he’s not busy with bingo, Narkar is involved with carrom, the “ultimate board game,” and has served as a nationals organizer for the United States Carrom Association.

June 7, 2007
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  1. June 7, 2007, 6:23 pm Ismat

    This is absolutely hilarious! Who would have imagined a desi on such a mainstream show?