Paperation Dumbo Drop

Kagan McLeod for New York Magazine

As we’re all probably aware, cow dung is more than just waste; users ranging from subsistence farmers and multinational energy companies to myriad South Asian grandparents can all come together under the bovine manure banner.

But a Sri Lanka-based company has its eyes on an even bigger prize: Eco Maximus traffics in paper made from elephant dung.

Elephant habitats and agricultural development overlap discordantly in Sri Lanka; the problem comes to an awful head when desperate farmers kill the animals in order to shield their crops from damage. The company aims to change farmers’ perception of the elephants from threats to worthwhile assets through cultivating the market for paper products created from pachydermal, er, output.

I love the idea, because I look at it this way—recycling is great, but recycling plus scatalogical jokes is even better. Moreover, when elephants are protected, that leads to more baby elephants. Baby elephants inarguably number among the best things ever, so everyone wins. Especially yours truly Planet Earth.

A more elaborate Eco Maximus raison d’etre
Elephant dung paper featured in an article spotlighting eco-chic products
Baby elephants being adorable, as usual

June 17, 2007
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