South Asian Student in Glamour Top 10

When I was a high school sophomore, I was stressing about SATs and competing in high school debate. Meghan Pasricha? She was getting laws passed.

Pasricha poses for Glamour.

The Delaware Clean Indoor Air Act, which bans smoking indoors, was a result of the young Delaware native’s efforts. An asthma sufferer, Pasricha struggled to breathe in smoke-filled rooms—so she began speaking at public hearings, founded the Anti-Tobacco Action Club with a grant from the American Lung Association and mobilized 2,000 students to help get the law passed.

Now, the 21-year-old Harvard psychology major has just been named one of Glamour magazine’s “Top 10 College Women 2007.” Since high school, she’s continued her crusade for easy breathing and volunteerism in general, founding Global Youth H.E.L.P. (Health, Education, and Leadership Program). Glamour describes the organization as promoting “youth leadership in the United States and abroad. To date, they’ve taught leadership skills to teen girls in Delaware’s foster care system, provided scholarships for schoolchildren in India and organized students at Harvard for an annual anti-smoking ‘Kick Butts Day’.”

Pasricha has some solid advice for other high school and college students: “Everyone tells young people they can be the leaders of tomorrow,” she tells Glamour, “but they can also be the leaders of today.”

June 6, 2007
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