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This Saturday, June 30, is a day to celebrate the written word by attending In the Works, a play reading series festival presented by Artwallah, designed to nurture and develop the work of South Asian writers. You can buy tickets on the festival page or inquire about opportunities available to volunteer in exchange for seeing all three readings that day.

Taking place at LA’s East West Players, “the nation’s pre-eminent Asian American theater troupe,” and providing a platform for collaboration between playwrights, screenwriters, directors and performers living in North America and South Asia, the festival will highlight works-in-progress and offer those who attend a chance to share thoughts and feedback with the writers. Descriptions of the three works are included below if you click to read the rest of this post.

In The Works features: Parvesh Cheena, Hari Dhillon, Reena Dutt, Ravi Kapoor, Shishir Kurup, Sunil Malhotra, Viji Nathan, Naveen, Lina Patel, Winston Rocha, Rabeya Sen, Meena Serendib, Amita Sheth, Meera Simhan, and Shaheen Vaaz.

Bollywood and Hollywood collide in this rollickingly, madcap screen(play) by Shishir Kurup.
The piece examines the cult of personality that both dream factories perpetuate and explores the clash of culture when a fading Bombay Talkie diva, her director and his crew come to Los Angeles to picturize a song for their new film. Crippled by a dwindling budget but convinced of the surety of success by shooting a song or two in the heart of Hollywood, they have to schmooze the local Desi community in all its grace and garish glory.

MISS INDIA AMERICA: Read/performed, by Actor/Writer Meera Simhan.
A beauty Queen at eight. A party for her periods at twelve. Swore to her mother that she was a virgin at nineteen and became a dusky English Rose at twenty-two. What’s left for a Miss India America to achieve? Meera Simhan takes us through a comic coming of age story about growing up as very good little Indian girl in Orange County.

SANKALPAN (DESIRE): A politically and emotionally searing new play, by Lina Patel.
A semi-finalist for the Sundance Theatre Lab 2007, set in India, 1903, this is a story of self-determination-both in the psyches of individuals hungry for change and in the psyche of an evolving national identity. Personal struggles play out on a national stage, a stage that is rapidly changing as the demands of Independence refigure relationships between British Imperialists and Indian Nationalists, rich landowners and poor peasants, and most explosively, in the new possibilities in the relationships between men and women.

June 29, 2007
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