Pan-Asian Comedy: Noodles and Kabobs

If the name alone doesn’t entice your appetite* for Pan-Asian flavor, consider the lineup of talent for the Noodles and Kabobs Pan-Asian Comedy Showcase at the 50Mason Lounge in San Francisco, tonight, July 13 @ 8pm.

SAM KOLETKAR: An Indian Jew, Samson provides Indian humor with a Jewish twist.

SAMANTHA CHANSE: Known for her dry wit and humor, Samantha is from the Big Apple, meaning she is funny and can kick butt.

SHENG WANG is seriously silly. Born in Taipei and raised in Houston, he performs comedy based on personal experiences with intense honesty and ill logic.

NITIN KANT born in India and raised in a Corporation, Nitin’s comedy is about his suffering: as an Indian, as an American, and as a human being.

*Sort-of-out-of-nowhere veggie digression: Has anyone had veggie kabobs? I assume they exist somewhere waiting for me to sample, though probably not right next to the Boca sausages in the supermarket freezer case. But maybe next door to the veggie dim sum place, complete with rolling steam carts?

Update: Yeah, so veggie kabobs are ubiquitous and I was thinking of something else, probably along the lines of koobideh. Oops. I’ll make sure I review my food vocab flash cards an extra 15 minutes tonight, even though it will be torture with nothing in the fridge at the moment.

July 13, 2007
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