New from Dushyanthi


Sri-Lankan-American Dushyanthi has released a remix of J. Holiday’s “Bed” along with a video, shot in New York City. Dushyanthi was profiled in last year as she was promoting her single, “Many Men.” Since then, she’s been in the studio recording and even logged in some time to record with Wyclef Jean and the Ying Yang Twins.

Dushyanthi describes her music as “fun, sexy, fresh—it’s kind of a new sound that we’re developing, because we’re fusing all these different sounds. It’s urban pop with Indian flavor, but not every track will be an Indian track. I’m Sri Lankan, but Sri Lankan American. I was born here and grew up listening to American music, and I want to do that, too.”

See the video for Dushyanthi’s remix of “Bed” after the jump.

November 9, 2007
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