Sidarth (of Macaca Fame) Works for Richardson Campaign

Sidarth (Rich Lipski/The Washington Post)

The Washington Post reports that recent college graduate S.R. Sidarth is “now a paid staff member in the communications office of Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson. He works in the New Mexico governor’s Santa Fe office compiling newspaper articles, drafting news releases and performing other communications tasks.” Presumably these other communication tasks include blogging in Spanish at

Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth was the man of the moment of the so-called Macaca-gate scandal, in which Virginia Senator George Allen, up for reelection, saw his standing plummet after using a word believed to be an ethnic slur to refer to Sidarth, who was recording the speech for Allen’s opponent. The video received over 350,000 views on the web and the ramifications of the scandal with Sidarth at its center were potentially far-reaching, as Allen’s election loss shifted control in the Senate to the Democrats.

“I Am Macaca”
Sidarth at YearlyKos this past summer.

December 3, 2007
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