Kali’s Jewel Box

From “Terrorism Affects Tourism”

The New York Times Sunday Styles always get my weekly love. This week I happened upon a small item regarding Kali Arulpragasam’s fine jewelry.

Wait. Arulpragasam, you say? Is that?…. Yes. Kali is the sister of your girl and mine, M.I.A.

Kali is a jewelry designer with a studio in London. Her work can be seen on her site, Super Fertile.

Her work is highly influenced by social issues with collections titled “Rich Girl vs. Poor Girl” and “Endangered Species”. Her latest collection is called “Terrorism Affects Tourism”. The collection celebrates the positive side to countries that we think of as war-torn and poverty stricken. From the Times:

“There’s more to these countries than guys with guns standing in rubble,” said Ms. Arulpragasam, who fled Sri Lanka with her family 20 years ago. “What are the plants like? What music are the kids listening to? That’s what I wanted to show.”

These pieces are plated gold and silver and start at $800. See Super Fertile for ordering information.

January 29, 2008
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