The Daily Delicious for March 27, 2008

Farheen Hakeem, Candidate for Minnesota House District 61B

Kapur to direct Minghella ‘New York’ piece
Shekhar Kapur, the Indian-born helmer of movies such as “Elizabeth” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” will direct one of the last pieces of writing from the late Anthony Minghella, a segment of the urban ode New York, I Love You. —Priya
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Pennsylvanian’s samosa taquito wraps up Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist spot
Scott Hatfield’s entry in the 43rd annual contest uses a tortilla because it needs a bakeable wrap. As an ardent observer of the N. American homestyle samosa maker, I notice frequent use of tortillas in the non-taquito, deep-fried kind too. —Pavani
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Farheen Hakeem, Candidate for Minnesota House District 61B
Indian-American Oberlin grad, educator, comedian and Girl Scout leader Farheen Hakeem is running for a seat in the Minessota state legislature. Prior runs for office include County Commissioner, and in 2005 Minneapolis Mayor, endorsed by the Green Party and getting about 14% of the vote. —Pavani
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Bismillah Takes Home Top Emmy Honor
Jolene Pinder and Sarah Zaman at University of Florida, Gainesville, recently won a Student Emmy for best documentary for their film Bismillah: In the Name of Allah. The two grad students followed Hakeem as she faced public scrutiny while running for political office in Minnesota. —Pavani
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March 27, 2008
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