“… In Other News, ‘Never The Twain Shall Meet.'”

L'Extreme Orient
Solid gold.

Hark! The goras, the gaijin, the waiguks, the vellaikaarans — whatever you call them, it’s serious: They’re finding out the face-reading secrets buried deep in our Oriental, collectively-oriented psyches. See, we Easterners read expressions differently, because we don’t process emotions as individuals! We assess facial expressions based on a holistic evaluation of the group. … Holistic like our medicines! (OMG) Maybe we’re so holistically-minded because we view life not as a line but as a circle, turn, turn, turn.

Well, I we don’t know about you y’all, but this exposé from The New York Times is too close for my our comfort. So saddle up your camels and flying carpets — we’ve got to meet somewhere and discuss how to stay inscrutably ‘Other’ in this changing age. Let’s meet in heady, spicy Samarkand. … If that’s cool with everyone.

East and West Part Ways in Test of Facial Expressions [NYT]

March 18, 2008
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