The Daily Delicious for March 11, 2008

Raja Rani from the photostream of counterclockwise.
  • Furtado says “My friends invited me to sing at their Indian cultural festival when I was about 18 years old, and my friend’s father said I should sing in Hindi, and I really liked it. I learnt Kabhi Kabhi.” —Pavani
  • “On Breathing Under Water [Anoushka Shankar] merges her sitar, piano and keyboards with the vision of Karsh Kale…one of the leading exponents in the marriage of traditional Indian with modern electronic music.” Guests include Norah Jones. —Pavani
  • Love this collection of Indian Matchboxes. The designer in me is totally going nuts over the typefaces and graphics. —Priya
    (tags: design art)
  • “Raja means king and Rani, queen. So naturally, this matchbox has a picture of a dorky man in a striped shirt trying to light his cigarette while holding an umbrella.” —Pavani
    (tags: art indian)
  • Heh. A take on the now-infamous # 12 is “Friends” … Sad but true. — Priya
    (tags: humor)
March 11, 2008
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