The Daily Delicious for March 12, 2008

Nandita Das in Ramchand Pakistani
  • I’m becoming obsessed with toy cameras. I just bought a Diana but I also want to add a Holga to my collection. Loved this gallery of a Karmacy concert taken with the Strobe Flash attachment for a Holga Camera. —Priya
  • A contest full of Sanjayas? —Ismat
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  • Amitabh for President. Amazing work from Badmash…. but of course. The illustrations are gorgeous. The video is hysterical. Who doesn’t need a little dishoom? —Priya
  • If you didn’t catch civil rights activist/comic Hari Kondabolu’s hilarious mockumentary Manoj last year, here’s your chance to see it at SFIAAFF (San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival) —Pavani
  • World premiere at Tribeca film festival in New York City this spring: This film is about young Pakistani boy who, with his father, inadvertently crosses the border into India. —Ismat
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March 12, 2008
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