The Daily Delicious for March 15, 2008

NYASAFF: Dollhouse, playing tomorrow, March 16 at Tribeca Cinemas.
March 15, 2008
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  1. March 15, 2008, 2:18 pm Pavani

    I think…that OPI nail polish link might need another tag – orientalism.

    I like puns so “I’m India Mood For Love” (hot pink) and “Lunch At The Delhi” (coral) kind of hit my cheesy funny bone. But “Curry Up Don’t Be Late! – This spicy golden metallic simmers with style!” and “Charmed By A Snake” (bronze) just make it seem like people whose only exposure to India was Hadji on Johnny Quest spent 5 minutes brainstorming the names for the entire line.

    Then they spent another five renaming some of the same colors for the Russian collection.