The Daily Delicious for March 20, 2008

Artist M.F. Husain.

Row over Indian artist hits NYC
Indian American Intellectual Forum has written Christie’s to threaten demonstrations if the auction house proceeds with sales of M.F. Husain’s art. Dubbed the “Picasso of India” by Forbes, Husain publicly apologized for paintings in 2006. —Pavani
(tags: art religion)

Tampa Physician and Philanthrophist Inducted into State’s Hall of Fame
Inducted last week into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame, Dr. Pallavi Patel was born in Gujarat, began her medical career in Zambia and has a performing arts center named after her. —Pavani
(tags: philanthropy)

‘90210’ Spinoff Details Emerge
Details are emerging about the characters on the 90210 spin-off currently in the works for The CW, including a possible opening for an Arab or brown actor. —Priya
(tags: television rumors arab desi)

Tibetan Exiles Question Dalai Lama’s Nonviolence

Out of a growing sense of resentment among Tibetans comes the feeling that their heretofore primarily nonviolent rules of engagement with China need to change, a shift that distresses the Dalai Lama. —Nalini
(tags: activism religion south_asian buddhism)

Beauty Tip from Mindy Kaling of “The Office”
Because “there is little worse in the world than a whitehead. Except if you are Indian and have DARK SKIN and you have a WHITEHEAD. And then you are forced to go on NATIONAL TELEVISION.” Recent product recs include yoga pants & a cute USB drive —Pavani
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A Naughty Shirt from Spiced Tee
Super cheesy. I chuckled anyway. I mean, if you’ve got it, (fl)aunt it. Right? Gross. —Nalini
(tags: humor India(n) south_asian desi aunties)

Woman elected Pakistani speaker
Pakistan’s parliament has elected its first female speaker, weeks after polls delivered victory to the party of assassinated former PM Benazir Bhutto. —Ismat
(tags: pakistan(i) politics)

Marketplace: Bollywood’s copycat film industry
India’s movie industry cranks out hundreds of films every year. Some filmmakers seem to be cutting corners by borrowing ideas — and sometimes more — from foreign films. Rico Gagliano reports on the state of the silver screen in Mumbai. —Ismat
(tags: bollywood India(n) film)

The Sartorialist: On the Street … Early Evening, New Delhi
Sart snaps the gorgeous Priya Kishore again. And is that Sohiny Das (another ND subject) popping up in the comments? Zagga zagga zow. —Nalini
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March 19, 2008
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