The Daily Delicious for March 22, 2008

Monkey Gods to Textiles: Far East on the East Side
Asia Week in New York (which I didn’t actually know was going on) has stretched into Asia Fortnight. In addition, two Asian art fairs that usually coincide on a single weekend have spread out to fall on consecutive weekends. —Nalini
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Comedian Kumail Nanjiani on Comedy Central
Stumbled across the CC bio of Karachi-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani while reading The Assimilated Negro. Nanjiani had a one-man show in Chicago at one point, I believe (“Unpronounceable” – now in NY). Anyone familiar with him? —Nalini
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Annual Phagwah or Holi Celebration in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY
“If it’s a warm day, 25,000 may join the 2008 parade,” today for the Indo-Caribbean celebration. The Phagwah photos from recent years are striking scenes of color, winter clothing and baby powder. —Pavani
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The Phagwah Parade
This Barnard paper from a few years ago on the parade offers background on the Queens celebration started in 1989/90 by Pandit Ramlall. —Pavani
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Phagwah Caught on Flickr
Loved these photos from Flickr user Eric Harvey Brown from Richmond Hill Phagwah 2006. Good Holga lovin’. So ethereal… can’t wait to type in the tag after this weekend and see what I can find for this year’s festivities. —Priya
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Pretty to Think So, a film by Francis Hsueh & Steven Hahn
See it Sunday at SFIAAF. A NY love story set during the 2000 dot-com bust. Laid-off I-banker Hannah Shah becomes caught between the guy who has it all (corporate lawyer Jiwon Kim) and the guy who doesn’t have a thing (Bronx youth pastor Alex Yuen). —Pavani
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March 21, 2008
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