Mustache Panache (Or, How I Totally Called It)

More from the Sartorialist's trip to New Delhi
More from the Sartorialist’s trip to ND.

Like I was saying to Priya, I’ve been trying to predict which uniquely desi spins on fashion The Sartorialist will feature on his influential blog as he traipses through New Delhi. Turns out I was right on one crucial front — my conviction that the Sartorialist couldn’t resist the throwback élan of an old-school subcontinental ‘stache.

Though this gentleman isn’t rocking the Rajasthani jobi-square I so pithily anticipated back in Priya’s earlier post, his mustache is definitely everything I hoped Mr. Schuman would notice. Feast your eyes on it, readers. Them is some luscious vibrissae, oh yes them is!

I can only hope that the man in question knows what a gifty crop he’s got growing … that he fertilizes it shiny and well with copious amounts of Parachute (or, as I call it, India’s Dapper Dan) … and that he sedately runs his fingers through it like Kattabomman when solving affairs of state or heart. You can totally tell just by looking at him that he’s got to do both in a day’s work. Love it.

March 16, 2008
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