The Daily Delicious for March 26, 2008

Leela, Sesame Street‘s newest character.

Sohini Ramachandran, Evolutionary Biologist
Ramachandran, who has been working in the same lab since age 15, talks about intelligent design, why she likes her field and answers “Do you encounter any opposition from religious groups that don’t like you proving that evolution is a fact?” —Pavani
(tags: science evolution career religion)

Oliver Willis: Million Dollar Democratic Fundraiser Behind “Grassroots” Hillary Clinton Site
Blogger attempts expose of Reshma Saujani, who was included in a 2004 Nirali article on politically active South Asians, revealing, uh, not much more than that she’s still politically active & doesn’t fit his notion of “grassroots.” —Pavani
(tags: politics nirali south_asian blogs hillary_clinton)

Who doesn’t love a good mixtape? Now you can create your own Muxtape and have the ability to play it from any computer connected to the internet. Can’t wait to make one. Who wants to share theirs? 😀 —Priya
(tags: music muxtape love)

Record US sale for Indian artist
MF Husain’s painting, “Ganga-Yamuna” goes for a record $1.6 million. It was previously reported that Christie’s expected “some of the artist’s paintings will be sold for up to $120,000.” (BBC News) —Priya
(tags: art)

Meet Leela, Sesame Street’s newest cast member
There’s a desi on Sesame Street! —Priya
(tags: children television)

March 26, 2008
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