The Daily Delicious for March 28, 2008

Charming? What do you think?

Waterlogged: A Journal Of 5 Days Wading In 4 Rivers
CBS reporter Hari Sreenivasan chronicles his trek around the Midwest and South covering flooding. —Nalini
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Charming : Hermès
I got this email marketing message today from Hermès as part of their current Indian-inspired campaign. “Mr. Patel plays pipes for his pythons who proffer a polished performance… Perfection!” Yay Patels! But a small part of me wishes a less stereotypical image. —Priya
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March 28, 2008
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  1. March 29, 2008, 12:45 pm Pavani

    What do I think? Shades of OPI…maybe, but not as bad because this is just one with alliteration (love it), as opposed to a long string of cheesy stereotypical puns.