The Sartorialist Does New Delhi

Seen in New Delhi.

Nalini and I were chatting yesterday about the fact that Scott Schuman, otherwise known as the fabulous street fashion photographer who blogs as The Sartorialist, has arrived in India.

Nalini predicted at least one shot of a dapper gent. “My money’s on at least one pukka-type, Savile Row-suited elderly Indian man with an awesome mustache and maybe a bandini-print pocket square. Wishful thinking.” I concur. Mr. Schuman loves shooting well-dressed men. I also wished to see the Indian fashion sense we all know and love … the elegant way that East meets West with a bit of eccentricity thrown in.

Enter today’s shot. Just … wow. Speaking as one super short girl I am totally in awe by the way she manages to wear a dress that you’d think would make her look even shorter but does nothing but elongate her frame.

Nalini and I are in love. The dress, the shoes, the lip color, those eyes. Perfection. Our eyes are peeled for more from Scott.

March 14, 2008
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  1. March 14, 2008, 2:04 pm Nalini

    The girl and the shot are so, so stunning. I love how the lips and the background are that dusty-yet-fiery, uniquely Delhi red. What a happy accident, and what a wonderful, timeless color.

    I’ll admit, dear readers, that when the Sartorialist’s in NYC, I dress myself with extra care just in case I run in to him.

    And by “extra care,” I mean ascots.