The Daily Delicious for April 3, 2008


Hyphen 2.0 Unveiled
Hyphen Magazine unveils a new look online. Its blog includes posts by winners of the Mr. Hyphen pageant, including tabla artist Robin Sukhadia (2006). —Pavani
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My Daughter The Terrorist

“What makes anyone want to blow themselves up for a cause?” A controversial film about two young females who belong to the Black Tigers aims to give some insight. Showing in Durham, NC, this the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (via The Langar Hall). —Pavani
(tags: film terrorism sri_lanka(n))

Hope (The Movie)

Shot in Kansas and New Delhi, Hope, based on the novel co-written by Topeka neurologist Shelley Chawla, centers around the stem cell research debate and will premiere at Cannes this spring. —Pavani
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April 3, 2008
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