The Daily Delicious for April 4, 2008

Conch shell jewelry
“This is the most ancient handicraft in Bangladesh.” (BBC/Photo:Abdullah Al Muyid)

Dhaka’s ‘Conch Street’ Under Threat
The ancient city’s Shakhari Bazaar, a narrow street in Dhaka’s old town named after the handmade conch-shell bangles made there, is now threatened by encroaching developers and general disrepair. From the BBC. —Nalini
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Lowestoft’s Lovely Bones
British actor Reece Ritchie has been signed to the role of Ray Singh in Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s best-selling novel “The Lovely Bones.” In the novel, Ray is the love interest of protagonist-narrator Susie Salmon. —Nalini
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Beyond Bollywood
“Is Indian fashion going global?” —Priya
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“A Blue Hand: The Beats in India”
Author Deborah Baker chronicles the epochal 15-month trip that Allen Ginsberg and several of his fellow Beats took to India in the 1960s. Baker, married to Amitav Ghosh, has lived in Calcutta and Goa. —Nalini
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April 3, 2008
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