The Daily Delicious for April 26, 2008

Hyderabadi biryani. (Photo: Jenn)

Cracking Down on Rice Hoarding
From NY to California, rice bags are flying off the grocery store shelves. Costco and India Cash & Carry place limits on sales of rice, such as one 20 pound bag per family each week. —Pavani
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President Patil Probably Pinches Cheeks of Chilean Children
President Pratibha Patil connects with kids near Santiago at Republic de la India school, which receives an annual grant from India. The students start each day with the Indian national anthem. In Chile Patil met with Bachelet, the female prez. —Pavani
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Dear Prudence: Guess Who’s Coming to Diwali
“My traditional Indian parents won’t accept my white girlfriend,” writes a young man to Slate’s agony aunt. “What can I do?” Personally, I think the guy should show some stones. Also, Prudence should rewrite that headline and the super-lame tandoor joke in the column. Brown people call it an oven too, Emily Yoffe. Sometimes we even bake casseroles in it! —Nalini
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India Warns Cricket Cheerleaders
Sigh. I don’t want to play that tired old game where one side says Western culture is porny and the other side fires back about “Choli ke Peeche” and Khajuraho. It’s Friday: Mama wants a 7&7. —Nalini
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Sari (W)rap
Tomorrow at IFFLA – a short by comedienne Rasika Mathur celebrating the “famous fabric from India with some infamous musical genre spoofs.” Watch the trailer and check out Mathur’s blog. —Pavani
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April 25, 2008
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