Cowgirl & Indian


The two-woman show, “Cowgirl & Indian,” written and performed by comediennes Margee Magee and Angeli Millan, finishes up its three-week run at the L.A. Comedy festival this Friday, May 16. Magee and Millan met at The Groundlings Improv/Comedy school. As they embarked on their careers in acting they became co-conspirators in comedy.

“Despite how different we might appear, we’ve really endured a lot of the same experiences as actresses, comediennes, dating, despite various stereotypes that we both get put upon us,” says Millan. If you’re in L.A. this Friday and curious to know more about their satirical take on the shared experiences of a “Cowgirl” and “Indian,” visit the show’s website for event details and ticket reservations. Millan adds that the show will include experimental comedy, running the gamut from sitcom spoofing to powerpoint presentations of their lives, plus audience interaction and “a male mannequin taking center stage to tell of our exploits with the opposite sex.”

May 14, 2008
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