The Daily Delicious for May 29, 2008

The Making of Independent Film “A Dream In Doubt”
“A scene that has deep meaning to me is the presidential election exchange…Rana (who wears a blue turban) and Harjit (who wears a red turban) argue over whether Democrats or Republicans would be better suited to fight terrorism.” Official site.
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NY’s Asian-Pacific Origin Students Face Race-Based Harassment
Nearly 85,000 APA high school students regularly face such harassment. The affect on their mental health is often overlooked due to a “common belief that the community is a model minority group,” according to a survey by ASAP, a youth leadership project of the CACF.
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A second clothing line from NY designer Tina Tandon. The Spring 2008 collection includes a Chikan embroidered georgette shift dress. —Pavani
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Staten Island Hindu Temple Celebrates Third Stage of Completion
From May 23-25, the temple celebrated the second phase of the Prana Pratistha, a three day ceremony during which the consecration of deities brought from Rajasthan took place. The temple will be called Shree Ram Mandir. —Pavani
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Narayanhiti Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal Abolishes Monarchy, Becomes Republic
“After approving the move by an overwhelming vote,” Nepal’s newly elected leadership “said it would send a letter to 60-year-old King Gyanendra and his family, informing them that they have 15 days to vacate the royal palace.”
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Sharon Stone Blames “Karma” for Chinese Earthquake
“The outspoken actress was talking to a Chinese media outlet on Thursday when she linked the recent disaster, which left more than 67,000 people dead, to China’s recent treatment of Tibetans.” (Update: Apology issued.)
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May 28, 2008
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