The Daily Delicious for June 1, 2008

Mehta, 21, in Mumbai with ABC’s Dan Harris. (Alice Maggin/ABC )

21 And The World Is Yours – Mumbai
“Mehta’s mother never went to college, doesn’t work and cannot make major decisions without the consent of her husband…and her mother has actively encouraged her not to follow in her footsteps. In this way, her mother is…a ‘quiet feminist.'”

From a series on young people in different countries, a profile of Nisha Mehta. She is an ambitious sales manager at a medical testing company who sleeps on a foldout couch with her younger brother, manages 5 people older than her and, to the amusement of the reporter interviewing her, neither knows nor cares who Brad Pitt is. —Pavani
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May 31, 2008
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