Penning a Letter to Undeclared Superdelegates


Kal Penn sent an open letter to two undeclared superdelegates urging them to cast their votes for presidential candidate Barack Obama. Penn is not the first big name to contact law student Lauren Wolfe and college senior Awais Khaleel, who are the President and Vice President of the College Democrats of America. On their way to the dining hall or grocery store, student superdelegates field calls from the likes of Bill Clinton and John Kerry (JS). Milwaukee-born Khaleel, of Muslim Indian background, received the Sproul treatment in The Wall Street Journal and had coffee with Chelsea Clinton. He, like Wolfe, plans to stay neutral, working with the College Dems to improve voter turnout.

Penn, who has been campaigning for Obama since late last year, was respectful of their neutral stance, but urged the two undeclared superdelegates that now is the time to pledge their support. “Perhaps three weeks ago was not the right time to pledge. But neither is three weeks from now. Your failure to pledge now risks returning those passionate, first-time voters to a political landscape of the same old games that caused them to maintain such distance from the Democratic Party before.”

In the video clip below Khaleel and Wolfe ask college students to tell them how to cast their votes. “Guess who might decide the leader of the free world?” Khaleel asks. “Me!”

May 12, 2008
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