The Daily Delicious for June 3, 2008

Vijay Iyer. Photo: Pooja Bakri

Vijay Iyer: Tragicomic
Manhanthappa is given the lead on the album’s first real dustup, “Macaca Please,” referring to the racial slur used by former Virginia Senator George Allen to describe a young Indian-American man. Both Iyer and Manhanthappa are of Indian descent, and clearly view this incident as a watershed moment not just for Indian-Americans but for the whole of American culture, which was forced to confront lingering prejudices in a very public way. The saxophone begins with an incessant, almost mocking riff that doubles back on itself before Iyer’s piano seizes control with a lightly tapped improvisation…”
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Interview with Camoflauge AKA Gangis Khan
Straight outta Scarborough, TO. Via India and Kuwait. “Scarborough definitely has its own sound. There’s a lot of bullshit out the Borough but the real heads are starting to come together so that sound is going to be even more recognizable soon.”
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Nagaland’s Abiogenesis Fuses Folk and Rock to Create New Music
This musical group created a genre they call Howey music, a fusion of Naga folk tunes with modern rock. Band member Moa Subong invented a new bamboo wind instrument – bamhum. Hear it on the track “Saramati Tears.” Next show Sunday, June 8, 9:30pm at Blue Frog, Mumbai.
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HomeSpun by Nilita Vachani
“A marriage between the nationalistic Nanaji, deeply committed to Mahatma Gandhi, and Naneeji, equally committed to her wardrobe, could only spell trouble.” A first novel from a documentary filmmaker and writer.
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June 2, 2008
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