The Daily Delicious for June 8, 2008

Subodh’s (over) 1 ton sculpture of shiny cookware, “Very Hungry God.”

Know Your South Asian Art
A “quick primer on the heavies of Indian art” offered by NY Mag’s Andrew M. Goldstein, in preparation for next week’s Christie’s auction in London. Including Subodh Gupta, Atul Dodiya, Nalini Malani, Arpita Singh and M. F. Husain.
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Obama’s Huma is Reggie Love
Love, a poli-sci and public policy grad, was a “wide receiver on a football scholarship at Duke who also walked onto the basketball team.” He also tried out with the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. As a body man, Love attends to many details, including keeping protein bars, berry tea and nicorette on hand for his boss. —Pavani
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Fugma Lakshmi
“Top Chef” host and Rushdie-ex Padma is the latest target over at the fashion trash talk spot, where bloggers note that an unfortunate wardrobe choice has highlighted the lithe Lakshmi’s non-existant stomach into existence. —Pavani
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June 7, 2008
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