The Daily Delicious for July 15, 2008

“Aren’t Christianity and Islam just sequels to Judaism?”
Preview a clip from Hari Kondabolu‘s set for the Comedy Central series “Live at Gotham.” Each week, a new host introduces six up-and-coming comics for an hour of original comedy from NYC. Over the past year, Kondabolu has been studying human rights in London. —Pavani
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“Two Sides to the Story”
For the halfway mark in his 52 weeks photo project, Aussie-born mulletgod, who spent six years of his childhood in Sri Lanka, captures a self-portrait. —Pavani
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“Western Magazines Find a Receptive Audience in India”
Indian Vogue, Rolling Stone, OK!, Maxim, Golf Digest, People and other mags hit stands this year in India. More to follow. Most “are not really Western at all” but almost entirely created and produced in India. Over half of Indian mag sales are made by young boys standing in traffic “holding up the latest copy of a glossy, and yelling ‘Vogue, madam? Indian Vogue! Golf Digest?’ into the windows of stopped cars.”
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Midnight’s Children wins Best of the Booker

The prize, in celebration of the Booker’s 40th anniversary, was shortlisted by a panel of judges and then went to an public poll with over 7800 votes. Rushdie sons Zafar & Milan with the youngest stealing the show. MC also won the 25th anniversary prize – the Booker of Bookers. —Pavani
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July 14, 2008
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