I Dream of Saree

A blog about sarees offers food for thought on the sari as fashion delicacy.

September 2008

Fugsters Ask Waris “How Long?”

Curious fashion bloggers encounter Waris Ahluwalia at NY Fashion Week and hone in on his hair.

September 2008

Kirmani on Season 2 of Top Design

Current season of Top Design reality TV series includes Texas designer Shazia Kirmani.

September 2008

Desifest Returns to Toronto

This weekend Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square will transform into a colourful South Asian bazaar featuring a free 12-hour music festival.

May 2008

Bharatanatyam on the BART: Zavain Dar

Zavain Dar, student of Arul Francis and the Panadanullar style of Bharatanatyam, performs this weekend.

May 2008
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Cowgirl & Indian

The two-woman show “Cowgirl & Indian,” written and performed by comediennes Margee Magee and Angeli Millan, ends its three-week run at the L.A. Comedy Festival this Friday.

May 2008

Penning a Letter to Undeclared Superdelegates

Kal Penn sent an open letter to two undeclared superdelegates urging them to cast their votes for presidential candidate Barack Obama.

May 2008

Satya for Sale

Jewelry with diverse elements and meanings is on sale this weekend.

May 2008

IFFLA If You Like.

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles starts tomorrow and includes a tribute to Madhuri Dixit.

April 2008

Chill Out with Split’s Rock Vids

The new Videos section of Split Magazine features selections from independent musicians and bands all over India, such as Parikrama’s “But It Rained.”

March 2008