Beauty Cheat Sheet for the Desi Bride

Experts from around the world share the top 10 tips for bridal beauty.

June 2007

Botox or Bust?

Botox may be all the rage, but do you still have a few questions about the popular treatment? busts eight Botox myths.

December 2006

Glamour Goes Global

Shalini’s kits for shimmery lips and sultry eyes bring out your inner goddess this winter.

November 2006

Fall Beauty Trend Report

And (drum roll, please) the 10 secrets for fall fabulousness.

October 2006

The Eyes Have It

Global Goddess Beauty’s new Darling Darjeeling collection is full of tea-infused products guaranteed to make your eyes pop.

October 2006
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Ambassador of Beauty

Release your inner goddess with Shalini Vadhera’s new product line inspired by beauty secrets from women around the world.

September 2006

Natural Magic

Dr. Blossom Kocchar’s Aroma Magic beauty line brings you Ayurveda in a bottle.

September 2006

Ask Shalini

Celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera tells you the one feature you should play up this summer. Plus, brown girls can wear mascara that isn’t black!

April 2006

Bollywood’s Mane Attraction

As a longtime devotee of Bollywood hair, Roxanna Kassam decided to dig beneath the hairsprayed veneer to discover the real story behind Bollywood’s hair stereotypes.

June 2005

Ask Shalini

Shalini Vadhera reveals the secret to achieving perfect brows and offers a quick tip for handling a bad hair day.

June 2005